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Why Women Should Support Women

[ 0 ] March 11, 2011 |

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As a woman myself I feel the need to get this out there so helpfully women can see the destruction they create for each other. Usually it is by petty useless comments or isolation. Both have a devastating effect on all that are concerned.

You would think after going through school yard girlish behaviour it would be out of our systems. Women really do need to support each other if we wish to have more peace in our world. We have always had the thought that men like to be in charge of things and leaving women out.

I now realize that it has a lot to do with the distractions that are created by the lack of support women give each other. Now I know from some men it might be a their superior attitude, certainly not all though. Ask any man you know about how women treat other women and if they see much support going on.

The answer nine times out of ten it will be they are cruel and judgemental, and a big no would be the answer for support. Why do we still do this long after we have stood up for female rights and now can have so much more say? I think it all stems from issues that have not been dealt with in our lives right from when we were children in school right through to that first relationship with a man that ended when we didn’t want it to and he got another girl.

It has nothing to do with men at all, it has to do with how confident and secure we feel within ourselves. Because even women who are so called man haters can not be supportive of each other. For so long we have had men as an excuse for why we do this, it is time to rise above any previous issues and give support to other women and be real about it not just pretend.

If women want to make an positive impression on the world it really does need to start with being able to support each other first, this will show the confidence we have in ourselves and our ability to be leaders in this world.

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