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Whitney Houston- A Tribute, A Lesson

[ 0 ] February 18, 2012 |

Whitney Houston, a beautiful spirit, a beautiful voice. Loved by all and loved all. Her music, her generosity, her grace and her beauty transcended all cultures, all races. A true gift from God. We must admire her faith, Whitney knew that she was a gift from God. She spread God’s love, God’s grace, as she felt it in herself.

Women, let us learn from our sister, Whitney Houston. She struggled, with her great gift came great burdens, great obligations that most don’t carry. Whitney had a long way to fall and a long way to rise back up.  Let’s celebrate her life, by changing our own lives. We do have the power to change. The power to do better, the power to be healthier, the power to fight our addictions. The power to rid our lives of all things not good for us, before it is too late. We are God’s special children, his women, his mothers, his sisters, his daughters and his wives and we are most worthy of the best life possible.

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