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Weight Loss

[ 0 ] February 20, 2012 |
Weight Loss and Dieting

Weight Loss


Dieting and Eating Less does not always mean Weight Loss!

The Problem with dieting is that once you stop dieting you gain the weight back. The best thing to do is to make a lifestyle change. Eat healthier. Eat soups, salad and vegetables. Substitute brown rice for white rice. Eat often, every few hours, don’t starve between meals. You won’t eat as much at every meal. Proteins ,whole grains and fibers are filling and heart healthy. Oatmeal or protein shakes are good for breakfast. You can add the fruit of your choice and 1 tblspn of fiber then blend the protein shake in the blender. For lunch, fill a low carb, whole grain pita wrap or pocket with 2-3 oz of chicken breast, lettuce, and low fat dressing. Snack on healthy nuts, and fruits. For dinner fill your plate with vegies and keep the meat to a few ounces. Stir fry brown rice with onions, peepers and mushrooms.   Don’t forget to drink lots of water. Try the water flavored with fruit for a kick. Drink caffeine free green tea to boost you metabolism. You may have food allergies, so be sure to eat what works well for your body, This could effect your weight loss. For example, if you have an allergy to dairy products, stay away from yogurt and cheese.

Diet and Exercise

Don’t forget to exercise and build muscle. Building muscle is better for weight loss than cardio.


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