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Vacation With The Ex-Husband

[ 0 ] August 2, 2011 |

Vacationing with the ex-husband was a DISASTER .  Everyone happy but me! There were my plans, the kids plans  and of course the ex-husband had his own agenda. His agenda was to spend my money. He even had plans to have sex with me! ill, ill, ill. His ass cried broke the entire time. Still pissed that I left him with all the bills in HIS house. The house that I could not even have a sewing room. The house that I could not light the fireplace in. The house that the dishes had to be immediately done after every meal. Talk about OCD! He was determined that I was going to spend every dime I had on this vacation, as if I do not have my own household bills and the two kids living with me. One night we go to dinner. This fool ordered raw oysters and one too many drinks. When I got the bill, I almost fell out the chair. Of course he didn’t have a dime. My daughter looks at the bill and told her father that his portion was $100. He told her, ” I don’t have any money, I’m just the chauffeur”. He was determined to do some dishes that night. Ohhh, I hate that man.

The reason I asked my X-husband to join us was because I  broke my leg hiking with the girls and wasn’t able to drive. The vacation was paid in full and I did not want to disappoint the kids. I know, I know, I have want to please syndrome.  He was our last resort.  We divorced due to finances so why did I expect him to contribute something. Just stupid, as Dr Phil says the best indicator for the future is the past. Why don’t I listen; I am a glutton for punishment. Insanity! I had no peace, no zen on this vacation.

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