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Stress In Women

[ 0 ] March 11, 2011 |

Women headache

Did it ever cross your mind that wonder woman reveals stress symptoms? She may have… when she took your order with a straight face during lunch time. Or when she is your irritated lady boss who told you that you have to stay late because the group urgently needs to discuss what has to be done regarding the current project. Or when she is your wife or mom who complained over dinner that the dishwasher is broken… again!

Irritability and mood swings are the most obvious stress symptoms in a woman especially when a lot of things should be done and it seems that nothing gets accomplished. Whether it is work related, a relationship issue or a financial concern, a woman wants everything done. And done in order! Memory lapses may also manifest because of distraction or lack of concentration. As a woman wants nothing left in pending status.

Sleeplessness and the changes from the normal eating, drinking or smoking habits are also easily noticed symptoms. Sleeplessness results to headaches and fatigue. Lack of sleep, loss of appetite or overeating weakens the immune body system when it happens over an extended period of time. Alcohol drinking and cigarette smoking at a certain amount of intake may provide a degree of enthusiasm and stress reducing effect, depending of the body chemistry. All these stress symptoms make the body susceptible to more serious illnesses if the cause of stress is not dealt with in the soonest possible time.

You can do something! Know that regular exercise is the best stress buster. You just have to make time for it. Aside from the effect of reducing the production of stress hormones in the body, exercise will physically make wonder woman feel tired. This will actually make the body want to take some rest. And as far as eating is concerned, since a few calories has been shed off, the effect of over eating is not likely to manifest because replenishment, of what was initially lost, takes place first. Don’t let these unnecessary stress symptoms comfortably settle in your system because as wonder woman you have the choice to be in control.

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