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Sex and the Married Women

[ 0 ] December 6, 2012 |


First we become wives. Then we become mothers. Mothers to our husbands and our children. You get to the point where you don’t want to have  wild sex all night with our husbands because we are too busy running their lives. So we become complacent. At bedtime, we eat bon bons instead of having sex. We get fat! Heck, it could be worse; chocolate is not such a bad substitute for sex. I always wondered why women gained weight with age and got adult acne. It must have been a man who attributes bad skin and weight gain to hormones, lack of mobility etc, etc. The usual man’s code: Admit To Nothing! Flip the script, put it on us!

As our husbands age, they are not exactly the stallions they used to be. Most men do nothing to fix it because their ego’s are much bigger than that shrinking tool between their legs. They convince themselves you really don’t seem to want it anymore. They tell themselves it only last 5 minutes because you are just laying there. Dummies, we don’t want it anymore because it don’t work right! How about we just lay there because we already know that it won’t even be worth getting up to wash afterwards!

It’s a vicious cycle. Those cute little babies are teenagers now and not helping the situation one bit. Then one day it hits you. You are darting past a mirror (darting because everything you do these days is in a huff) and you wonder, when did I get so frumpy , so frustrated? Who am I? Well ladies, it’s our fault to, share the blame. A great sex life will make everything else in your life better!

Frump no more ladies! You are a sexy desirable woman, a women with needs! Pamela Madsen tells us how to get our desires fulfilled. Read her book “Shameless” and tell your husband to get on board!

Wishing you a Shameless sex life,   Madwife

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