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Project Runway

[ 0 ] July 28, 2011 |


Project Runway is a great show; that is until it comes down to the winner. The judges are full of shit. Hopefully Heidi’s wardrobe will improve now that she is not pregnant. How can she critique these designer with the bullshit  she wears. Who selects the celebrity judges? I am looking at a re-run and Jessica Simpson looks a damn wreck. I mean really, her clothes belong in K-Mart. If I designed her line, I’d be the laughed out of New York. Jessica, how about some make-up? Jessica, I love you but not as a designer. And who said that Jessica Alba knows anything about fashion? At least Jessica Simpson does have her own line, and it does sell. Now Faith Hill is a winner beauty, poise, sophistication.

Oh, Micheal Kors…you are my absolute favorite designer. Your clothes are are simple, tailored, fine fabrics. Clothes that  all women would wear. I must tell you that I just bought on of your pocketbooks, gorgeous but the leather could have been a bit more “butter”. Watching the profit line? Your words, ” What I show, I make and women wear”, Then why in the hell did  Seth Aaron win with that crazy shit he had on the runway that no one would wear.  I believe “costumey” was your word, but he still won. Emilio Sousa should have won hands down.

Season 7, Seth Aaron beat out Emillio Sousa. Seth’s  clothes compare to Mondo’s only much much wilder. But in season 8, Gretchin beat out Mondo.  Her clothes compare to Emillio’s.  I believe the judges said Emillio’s collection was “to ready to wear” . Was Gretchin’s collection not ready to wear?  Who would have won if Gretchin was competing against Emillio? If Seth had competed against Mondo? Judges BE CONSISTANT. I suggest you look back at all the old seasons so you won’t contradict yourselves.

The new season premiers tonight. We will be watching! Readers post your comments, do you agree or disagree?


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