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Men Truely Are From Mars

[ 0 ] May 14, 2011 |

Men are from Mars. They go to work and they come home. They get up the next day, go to work and come home. For instance, I am sitting in my bedroom typing this blog and my son walks in the room and starts talking to me like I’m not doin shit. He is soooo in my space that he his reading this as I type. OK, he left….didn’t like what he was reading.

As I was saying, why can’t men multi-task? Why can’t they go to work and makes lots of money. Why can’t they make love to you and satisfy you at the same time? Why can’t they drive and follow directions at the same time? Why can’t they be the provider and run the household? They do dumb shit. Shit like not fixing  the riding lawn mower because they think it costs too much. Then they refuse to use the push mower because it takes too long. So they pay someone to cut the grass when the mortgage has yet to be paid.

I don’t have the answers to any of these questions. But how are women ever suppose to be happy? What makes women happy? Is it money? Is it great sex? Is it a man that does housework?

We have to make our own happiness. I am happy when I travel, alone.  I am happy when I sew. I am happy when I am in my garden. I am happy when I take a bubble bath. I am happy when I eat chocolate. I am happy in my zen room, just me and my music. I am happy when I listen to the raindrops. I am estatic when I am sipping wine and eating chocolates, listening to the rain drops while taking a bubblebath.  But I am most happy when I accept that my husband is not like me. He is not a super-hero. He is just a man from Mars who loves me very much!



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