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Luminess Air Product Review

[ 0 ] November 24, 2012 |

Beware! We ordered the Luminess Air for product testing directly from the Luminess air infomercial via their online website. The commercial states, get it home for $39.99.  When you order, it never tells you how much you will pay. That information may be in small print but it was not very visible to us and we searched for it. Turns out the $39.99 is a security deposit in case you want to return within the 30 day free trail. Somehow, by the time it shipped 7 days later, we were billed an additional $69.99. When the kit arrived, the invoice said we would be billed $69.99 per month for five months; that’s $350.00. In addition, we would be billed $29.99 per month for every 2 month supply off foundation shipped. It would seem that you are paying for the machine and the make-up separately?????


We found the Luminess Air on HSN for $99.95 with 4 easy pays of $24.98 and free shipping. What a big difference in price! How can that be? HSN customer review rated the Luminess Air a 2.9 out of 5.

The machine does a good job applying the make-up. However, we did not care for the color match. The make-up appeared to have reddish in tone on the skin. We mixed the two darkest shades, 8 and 9 to match our model.

Customer Service STINKS. They are not open on week-ends. They do not answer emails in a timely fashion. When you can get through, you are put on hold forever. When someone finally picks up after being on hold for 30 minutes, they hang up on you. We are calling now to place an order, instead of for a return number (the only way you can return is to call and get an authorization number). Let’s see if I get hung up on this time. So far it has been 45 minutes of trying to get through and getting hung up on.  We did not get hung up on but they are saying the system is down. They took our name and number and will return our call “later today”. We will keep you posted.

Update 11/ 27/12: No one called us back yesterday and no one answered our emails sent last Saturday. We are calling again right now, on hold. On hold 15 minutes before someone picked up.

Great! Good News!  We are pleased. Customer service handled the call in an exceptional manner! They adjusted the price and sent us a lighter shade (7) to adjust that redness in the color match for our model. We can live with that, a company that stands by its product.


Have you tried Luminess Air? If so, please let our readers know about your experience by leaving us a comment.



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