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Look Younger- Age From The Inside Out

[ 0 ] February 19, 2013 |

Beauty is grace. Beauty is sophistication. Beauty is confidence. Beauty comes from within.

1. Eat more fruits, raw vegetables and grains. Fruits and vegetables provide age-fighting anti-oxidants to your hair and your skin. Drink plenty of water, it’s natures drink. Eat nuts and beans. Change your entire diet for the better. Stay away from excessive use of sugar, salt, caffeine and alcohol. Limited use of these will keep your weight down and your skin hydrated. No one will ever get all the nutrients we     glowing skinneed. Take to your doctor about adding daily supplements and multivitamins to you diet. Vitamin D is imperative. We also like CoQ10 for your skin. Just call it the pretty vitamin. Click Here For Our 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge and healthy Eating Tips.

2. Exercise will keep the stress away. Stress shows on your face. Exercise releases endorphins. Your body in motion will improve your mood and your self confidence. Take time every day to exercise and meditate; renew your spirit. Breathe deep and prepare yourself for what’s coming at you that day.  Be confident that whatever it is, you can handle it.

3. Don’t smoke. According to the Mayo Clinic smoking speeds up the aging process and wrinkles the skin. The sun and tanning is extremely bad for your skin as well. The chemicals in cigarette smoke causes the skin to loose collagen. The skin has less elasticity and deeper wrinkles. We all know that smoking yellows your teeth. Whiter teeth and a smile go a long way in helping you look younger.

4. Get enough sleep. Sleep is important to your overall being. Proper rest helps  you look better in the morning. Saggy eyes and dark circles don’t make anyone look younger. While you sleep the skin repairs itself from the stresses of the day. Be sure to get your 8 hours nightly, a good night cream won’t hurt either.

5. Have better sex! Its like that exercise thing, only better. Click here to read about “Sex and The Married Women”

feed your soul6. Feed your soul. Watch one funny movie a week. Laughter is so good for the soul. Hang out with the girls once a week. This will give you time to vent, share ideas and be just you. Not a wife, not a mom, not a daughter. Just you acting like a teenager.  Take up a hobby or rejuvenate one you pushed to the side because you didn’t have the time. Make time for yourself. Relax and enjoy life!


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