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Fall Make-Up

[ 0 ] March 16, 2011 |

Fall Make-Up

This year is all about the Natural Look.  The daytime look for this fall is natural, nude tones. Eye shadows are golds and browns. Use a bronzer. No eyeliner this year, but yes to mascara. If you must use eyeliner don’t use black, it makes you look older. Use a skin color on the bottom and a navy for the top liner. We are not wearing blush this season. Your lipstick should be a neutral color with no shine. Make it lighter than your skin for a younger look.  For the nighttime look, change your lipstick to a bright color.

For glowing skin

Take care of the inside! All the beauty potions in the world won’t work it you do not take care of the inside. Eat lots of fruit, vegetables and fish. You need lots of water. Dehydration causes ugly skin and aging. Need some flavor, try Coconut water, it’s all the rage in Hollywood right now! Stay away from too much alcohol, soda and energy drinks. You also need  500-1000 mg of a fish oil supplement, and a balanced diet.  Antioxidants are also a must. You need a supplement that has vitamin C, Vitamin A CoQ10 and green tea. Also remember that sunscreen is important, make sure your daily moisturizer has a sunscreen of at least SPF 30 in it to help you fight wrinkles. Remember to EXFOLIATE ladies. If your skin and dry or sun damaged use an alpha hydroxy acid but if your skin is oily and acne prone use a beta hydroxy acid. Exfoliate your lips as well; you can use your toothbrush. Last but not least, get lots of sleep. Your body needs 8 hours per night.


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