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Be A Fashion Goddess! 10 easy steps

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Your wardrobe should always be classic and inter-changeable.  Buy only a few fad pieces and don’t spend a lot of money on them. Next year you will be giving them away. Your basic pieces (pants, skirts, jackets) should be neutral colors; black , brown, gray, navy. Throw in one or two pieces of your favorite color or this seasons hot color. Remember,  your favorite color may not look good on your skin. You want to be sure that you can mix all of your sweaters, blouses and tops with all your pants and skirts. This way every year, all you have to buy is a new sweater, blouse or scarf to spruce up your wardrobe.

1. A great leather belt will make last years’ sweater look new and in-style this year. Just belt that sweater and you are a Fashion goddess!

2. A cashmere sweater will take you from the office to the after-work party. Try a cardigan, that way you can open a few more buttons and you are a Sexy Fashion Goddess !

3. A pencil or A-line skirt can be worn with boots to work, and heels for date night. Make sure it fits to a T. You are a Savvy Fashion goddess!

4. A colorful wrap or shawl. Talk about instant glam. Nothing makes a statement like shawl to wrap around the shoulders. You are a Sophisticated Fashion Goddess!

5. A little black dress. This will never change. Challenge yourself and see if you can find one that goes from work to dressy. Remember that fit is key and “little” is only an expression! The right black dress will make you an instant Vogue Fashion Goddess.

6. A silk blouse is an essential wardrobe piece that can be dressed up or down. Wear it under that cashmere sweater to work. Loose the sweater for an instant night out look. Or belt it for week-end look.  Now you are a Sensuous Fashion Goddess!

7. Great fitting pants are the most important look for your wardrobe. Pants are the ultimate key to accentuate your shape. You can hide fat thighs, make yourself look taller or make your butt look smaller, all with one pair of great fitting pants. Wide legs do it all. To hide your tummy stick with a mid-rise, flat front pant and a side zipper.  Find the right pair of pants and you are a Hot Fashion Goddess!

8. Accessorize, Accessorize! Accessories can put the fab into drab. Costume jewelry is a gift from the fashion gods. You’ll need earrings, a bracelet and a necklace. Make sure your pieces can mix and match. Make one silver and the other gold. An extra one with color won’t hurt. You are now a Chic Fashion Goddess! 

9. Lipstick is a must. Even on days when you don’t wear make-up. Please put some lipstick on. Lipstick will complete any look. The right shade will boost your look from just ok to VaVa Voom.  You will be a Bombshell Fashion Goddess!

10. Proper undergarments are key to perfecting any look, casual or dressy. If the boobs are sagging and the rear is wrinkly, Go home and hide. Ill, Ill, Ill! Every women is thinnest just below the bust line. Don’t let your breasts sag, get a good push up bra to show a longer and more shapely torso. Spanx are a wonderful thing for your bottom!Without the proper undergarments, you will be a Hoochie Fashion Goddess!                                                  Fashion Goddess ad 2

Always dress age appropriately and remember that all fashion trends are not for every body!

In the words of CoCo Chanel ” A women is closest to being naked when she is well-dressed.”


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