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A Royal Engagement

[ 0 ] March 15, 2011 |

Prince William & Kate Middleton. Go Kate, you snagged you a prince! A smart girl who kept her eye on the prize!

Soap Review
The Young & The Restless

Why are they making Nikki a drunk again? Who is writing this stuff. Must be man. Alcoholism is a serious issue. Anyway, who would be Deacons friend? Drunk or not. He looks like a midget. Have you ever looked at how short his arms are? How could you not taste alcohol in your dink? And what, rich people don’t get their own tea? And why could Jill taste the liquor but Nikki couldn’t?

Why is Sharon so stupid? I don’t ever remember her being so dumb. Do I want the cheating ex-husband #1 or do I want the sociopath ex- husband #2? Kick both those losers to the curb. Like I said, must be a man writing this shit.

And JT, the bolt of lightening should have taken him away. Taking that baby from his mother. Good thing Mr. and Mrs. Righteous have left the story!

Gossip NeNe got plastic surgery and liposuction- she is looking good. But if I am going to get the knife, I need to lose more than 1 dress size.

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