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A Positive Self-Image

[ 1 ] May 20, 2011 |




Body Image vs Self Image

A positive self image can have a positive influence everything else in your life. It is interesting to note that most women are unable to tell their self image and body image apart.  In a world where a woman’s worth is often judged with one glance at her figure, women are finding it increasingly difficult to figure out where their body image and self image split up.  It is true that you are what you eat, but some of us are genetically inclined to have more meat on our bones yet that is not the sum total of who we are.  The debate is on both sides of the scale.  Those who have an excellent figure and great looks often complain that most people see that as all they are.  On the other hand people who tip the scale, complain that people can’t look beyond the weight to see the person within the body.

Self image is really your self-concept.  How do you see yourself?  Your self-concept is the main determinant of your self esteem and even though it includes physical aspects of you, it goes beyond that.  Self image includes how you view your body, personality, the status that you feel you hold in your particular environment, the kind of person you see yourself as, whether you like yourself and how you perceive yourself in the eyes of others around you.  If your self-image is great then your self esteem will tend to be high, however if your self- image is low then your esteem will tend to be low as well.  For a lot of women, their self image often spills into their relationships and for those whose self image is low, their confidence in relationships tends to be low as well.

Body image on the other hand is how you perceive your physical appearance.  The perception comes from observing yourself and by taking note of how others react to you.  Body image is a component of self image and is therefore a contributor to self esteem as well.  It is normal to have some dissatisfaction with aspects of your body but this should not become an obsession.  Even though how we look is a concern for most people, when you keep noticing your imperfections and then have those negative thoughts become obsessive and upsetting you may be suffering from a condition known as body dysmorphic disorder.  BDD is a condition where one obsesses over a flaw and is often referred to as “imagined ugliness” as in most cases the flaw is minor and others may not even notice it.

So why is it that so many women suffer a poor self and body image?  Some of the reasons include being teased about a certain aspect of your appearance as a child, having parents or role models that obsessed about their body shape and weight, the culture we are living in where people are indeed judged by how they look and media ads where the models used are rail thin. This gives the idea that the only acceptable body shape and size is that on TV.  For young girls, peer pressure can lead to excessive dieting.  The important thing is to be healthy physically and to also have a healthy self concept.  You are more than your body size, shape or weight.

Do you have a positive self image? Give us your feedback below.


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  1. Queen Bee says:

    I do at this age in my life have a postive self image. I am in my forties now, but in my earlier years although a positive person, I was alwas unhappy about the way I looked in my jeans, or the way my breast were to small, or the way I had a dimple in my butt. The list could go on and on. We are unique and beautiful and we just need to have confidence in that. But now, I am always encouraging young girls and hoping to spark something on the inside to feel good about who God made them

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